Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop publishing is the use of computers to design and print professional quality typeset documents. A desktop publishing program such as PageMaker or QuarkXpress is much more versatile for this purpose than a word processor; in addition to typing documents, DTP programs allow users to specify the layout in great detail, use multiple typefaces, insert pictures, and preview the appearance of the printed document.

In other words: DTP is the final process to create a top-quality document.

I support several Desktop Publishing applications (see right panel). If your company has its own DTP department, or produces its documentation with DTP software, I can translate your documents directly in its native format. This can save your DTP department a lot of time and effort that can be invested in more creative tasks.

Contact me now for your translation + DTP needs – I will meet and exceed your expectations.

Because in my business, as in yours, quality makes the difference.

 DTP tools