Languages and areas of expertise


Most of my work is from English into Spanish, although I also work from French and Italian. For very specific technical subjects, I also translate from Spanish into English. Should you need other language combinations, do not hesitate to ask - I have an extensive network of professional contacts and I would be glad to refer you to the appropriate person.


Industry & Technology

   —Automotive industry


   —Hardware & software

—Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

   —Internet and IT

—Machinery & tools

   —Sound & Image


   —Transportation & Logistics


   —Aerospace engineering

—Civil & hydraulic engineering

   —Electrical Engineering

—Industrial engineering

   —Mechanical engineering

—Petroleum engineering


   —Advertising & public relations


   —Marketing, press releases

—Profiles & Corporate presentations

Other areas


—Health care


—Patents, trademarks, & copyrights


—Travel & tourism

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