Proofreading and Editing

I include proofreading and editing in EVERY translation or localization project I carry out. In which cases might you need only proofreading and/or editing services?

  • Your documents have been translated by other company or freelance translator, but you are not sure about their quality, terminology accuracy or cultural appropriateness.
  • Your documents have been translated by a non-native translator or by a translator native from another country than the intended audience’s (e.g. a Mexican translator when your target audience was Spain).
  • Your documents have been translated by your own staff, often too quickly or with a scarce knowledge of the technical terminology in the target language or a poor style.

Proofreading vs. Editing

Proofreading — Proofreading services are designed to guarantee that a document is correct with regard to language and format. Items corrected in proofreading include:

spelling errors, grammar/punctuation errors, typing errors, format errors, inconsistencies in names, times, or places, other inaccuracies

Editing — Editing involves more detailed work than proofreading. Items corrected in editing include:

all proofreading errors, missing parts, style, adaptation to the target audience, inappropriate or poor terminology, faulty organization

Contact me now for your proofreading and editing needs – I will meet and exceed your expectations.

Because in my business, as in yours, quality makes the difference.

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