Software and Website Localization

What is localization?

Localization (to "make local") is the conversion of a product (software, website, on-line help, documentation) from its source language to the target language in which the product will be used; this includes making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale.

Difference between translation and localization

Localization is much more than a translation. Translation is just one aspect of the localization process. The localization process continues after the text of the product (e.g. software, website) has been translated. This text has to be imported back into the software application, graphics have to be adapted to suit the needs of the target language audience, changes to the user interface structure might have to be made, the software has to be tested, and a final QA must be performed.

I understand the issues that are unique to Web translation. Metatags and other text that is not readily visible, but highly important, is translated. I can deal with coding that is more complicated than the standard HTML. I will localize your graphics if they need it, so that the whole of the site is translated, not just the on-screen text. Most importantly I understand the kind of language businesses and consumers use on the Web, and this defines my approach to translation.

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