Translation is not only the transfer of information from one language to another, but also from one culture to another. The translator is a cultural consultant, a person who acts as a mediator able to bridge the gap between cultures.

I provide completely "transparent" translations. The readers will not realize that they are reading a translation, because the logical flow and idiomatic usage are such that they are completely comfortable with what is in front of them.

What kind of documents do I translate?

—Technical manuals (engineering, machinery, technology, software)
—Projects, consulting studies, master plans, aircraft specifications
—Operation and Maintenance manuals
—Books, scientific articles, conference papers
—Proposals, business letters, contracts and agreements
—Patents, trademarks, drawings, plans
—Press releases, brochures and advertisements
—Internal communications, newsletters, employee manuals...

And much more. I accept any format: electronic, faxed, hard-copy, even handwritten documents.

I can deliver the translations in any format: electronic (e-mail, FTP, floppy disk or CD), fax, Fed-Exed hardcopy (high-quality color laser-printed)...

Contact me now for your translation needs – I will meet and exceed your expectations.

Because in my business, as in yours, quality makes the difference.

 Software and translation tools